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  VERMILLION FX is an innovative, specialist sfx blood range launched in 2017 by film industry professionals, to deliver the precise requirements of make-up, prosthetic, costume and art departments. Our ultra-realistic liquids and gels are reliably safe and washable, are suitable for close range HD and they perform exactly as required on skin, silicone, wigs, fabric, props and sets.  

We have teamed up with Startled FX to offer you a range of High Quality Foam Latex Prosthetics. All of our pieces are sculpted and made right here in the UK.

We have a great range of veneer FX Teeth brought to you from Moonstruck Effects. We've always felt that teeth are a major way of creating that perfect character so wanted to find the best teeth on the market.


How to videos

Why not check out our easy to follow How To Videos and see just how it easy it is to apply an FX Transfer, or fit your next pair of FX Teeth. We have lots of videos to help you create your next monster or project.Click here for more How To Videos