Space Monkeys

Space Monkeys

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Spacemonkeys Featured Products

  • Coloured Contact Lenses

    We have a great range of Coloured Contact Lenses & Eye Accessories

  • Foam Latex Prosthetics

    We have a great range of Foam Latex Prosthetic faces for you to choose from

  • Tinsley FX Transfers

    Tinsley FX Transfers are easy to apply and look fantastic

  • Scarecrow Fangs

    Scarecrow Fangs are simply the best fang caps on the market and we have plenty for you to choose from

  • Theatrical Makeup

    We have a good range of Theatrical Makeup to compliment our Prosthetics

  • Dental Distortions Teeth

    Dental Distortions Creature Veneer Teeth are easy to fit and look amazing! Look out for new styles coming out soon

More from Spacemonkeys

Space Monkeys isn't just for Halloween........ 

We are a UK based family business supplying Theatrical Makeup, FX Contact Lenses, Temporary Tattoos, Foam Prosthetics and FX Teeth & Fangs to most locations around the world. ALL YEAR ROUND!

We love what we do and have one of the biggest ranges of Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos anywhere in the World.

Our range of Foam Latex Prosthetics is growing everyday and we are the place to go to in the UK for Scarecrow Fangs and Dental Distortions FX Teeth.

There is nothing more face changing than FX Contact Lenses and we stock a good range to finish off your next monster or creature.

Space Monkeys is very popular with cosplayers and LARP Groups and we also supply a lot of Makeup to the UK Scare Industry and TV and Film.

We also have a blog now so why not head over and give it a read


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