Right Swollen Eye

This foam latex swollen eye is perfect for any casualty trauma makeup or fight scene character

Leonine Nose

This foam latex nose is very feline and great for any cat big or small, team it up with our Leonine forehead to create a complete character

Character Cheeks #2

These foam latex character cheeks are great for creating old age characters

Character Chin #2

This foam latex chin and lower lip is a great generic character chin  which will transform your actor


Godjira Teeth

Godjira is a great creature set of upper and lower veneer FX teeth

Alien Ears

These Foam Latex Ears are perfect for any Creature or Space character and will go perfectly with our foam Faces

Pros-Aide 2oz

Pros-Aide is the standard in the industry for adhering appliances and other make-up components to skin.

Dashbo FXL Palette

The Ultimate Studio Palette FXL contains 10 fantastic colours in a BIGGER Fx palette.

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