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  1. 50 % off Makeup Sale

    We are having a sale on our FX Makeup and most of it is at 50% off.

    We have decided that we are going to concentrate on increasing our Foam Latex and Silicone Prosthetics and therefore sell off all of our Makeup.

    There are so many great makeup suppliers out there now and trying to compete with them seems a little pointless when we can specialise in supplying the nest quality Foam and Silicone Prosthetics in the UK.

    Our Makeup Sale will run until all of our makeup has gone and then we will start to bring in even more prosthetics.

    We are already the only supplier of Rubber Wear Foam in the UK and have a great selection of character pieces that you can mix and match.

    We also stock Woochie Pro Foam which is not only great quality but a great price too.

    We also supply some of the best Encapsulated Silicone prosthetics in the UK designed and created by Dean Garner. This range is slowly growing and is already very popular.

    Don't forget to go and grab yourself a makeup bargain and look out for some new prosthetics soon