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We now stock the whole Clink Street FX Blood range and it's brilliant Clink Street FX may sound like a new range of blood to hit the market but it's actually quite familiar. It used to be called Kensington Gore and it's the blood you see when you tune in to Game of Thrones.

Now under a new name and with some really cool new products we are going to take a look at what's on offer.


There are plenty of products to choose from in the range and definitaly something for everyone.

The typical non drying stage blood comes in 3 shades, arterial, venous and aged and has a really glossy feel to it, no corn syrup is used so it's not sticky and all the bloods come with a minty flavour. The colours are spot on and it's easy to wash off with warm water.

One of our favourite products is their Drying Blood. This is a style of blood that has become very popular of late. It looks like your standard stage blood but dries to a matte finish which is very handy when you don't want your blood moving or smearing onto anything. This blood comes in 2 shades - Venous and Aged.

Something that is very popular nowadays is wound filler and scab paste and Clink Street do both. Both come in 60g pots so will last you a long time as you don't need much. Perfect for creating scabs on the skin and dressing your prosthetic wounds.

Another new blood that has become popular is a non bead silicone blood. When you use standard blood on silicone or wax wounds you will find that your blood beads up on the prosthetic which doesn't look very realistic, well non bead silicone blood doesn't so still look very realistic.

Lastly Clink Street produce small blood bags! These come in two different formats. One for gunshots and stab wound effects and another specifically made for use in your mouth. A very handy product to have in your kit 

We hope you found this information helpful and hope you will check out the range by following this link







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